World of Warships mods

Hello guys welcome to the world of darkernet mods. As our team is converted to create or publish the mods. So, now we came to you with World of Warships mods. Initially im gonna explain what is world of warships and how world of warships mods gonna play role in the game.



World of Warships

World of warships is a Online battle game in which player initially need to create an account in the official website Then after you need to download the game through an online installer and then open the game. After opening a  login screen appears then login with the credentials as your account created at game official website. Then begins your game, initially you’ll are given with few low level ships with 0 XP. There are two types of battles in the game they are
1.Co-operative battle
2.Random battles
Co-op battles has very fast loading time upto 30sec maximum. Random battles has slow loading time of 5 min. i.e, you will get into battle on or before that time.
Random battles give more XP and Credits compared to Co-op battles.
List of ships
1)Destroyers, 2)Cruisers, 3) Battleships, 4)Aircraft Carriers.
There are lot of modules for ship upgrading so that the ships get extra power and capacity.
There are lot of Flags which can unlocked after Level 8. Flags are used to boost the performance and many other features of the ship like increase in the XP, Range of fire,and much more things.
Camouflages are also used to make ship visibility low by some percentage and also some XP boosters.

World of Warships Mods

World of warships mods are the modifications done for the ships and user interface to make the viewed as you like. After applying mods only you can see the modification other players cannot see what you had done. This is because every thing in game is server sided you cannot hack or do some illegal activity on the game. The Only mods which work in World of warships as legal are
1.Ship Skin mods
2.User interface mods
3.Flag mods
4.Font mods
5.Map mods
6.Sound or voice mods
7.Weapons view mods
1.Ship Skin mods: (Never revealed)
Ship skin mods are mods which can change the ships paint color design and add some graphical designs on the ships. this can be viewed only by yourself. There are lots of skin mods which are available online through forums and some websites.
    Ship skin modding can be done by your self by following the following steps:
  • First search for the ship skin mod which you want to mod by yourself online and download mod.
  • Now extract the files and search for the .dds image in the files.
  • This image cannot be viewed or edited directly.
  • So, you need to download a DDS to BMP converter.
  • You also need to download BMP to DDS converter.
  • Open the Converted BMP in Photoshop or any other photo editors.
  • And Replace the parts layers with other images or logos, and save the file with same name.
  • Now convert the BMP to DDS and replace it with old DDS file.
  • Ta-ta-da its done. Open the game and see the look of the ship and modify again if required and enjoy.
2.User Interface mods
User interface mods are mods which can change the background screens , login screens, ships icons change and much more.
3.Flag mods
Flag mods are the mods which are used to change the flags which are present in the game with other flags you create.
4.Font mods
Font mods are used to change the fonts in the game.
5.Map mods
Maps mods are used to change the view of map mods and change some icons in it.
6.Sound or Voice mods
This mods are used to change the sound or voice in the game.
7.Weapons view mods
This mods are used to change the vision of the weapons in the game.
Note: Don’t use any other fu**in shitty mods which can harm your game and may cause your In-game account suspension.
Please ask for any World of Warships mods you want in the comments. We will send you the best verified mod links

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