Car mechanic simulator 2018 Download free 28 July 2017

Hello Guys Darkernet Mods is back with Car mechanic simulator 2018 download Setup for free. As the stream is selling the game for 17.99$. You can buy Car mechanic simulator 2018 with a discount of 10% . Buy clicking here you are redirected to stream to buy the game and Download car mechanic simulator 2018. 

car mechanic simulator 2018 download

Car mechanic simulator 2018 Download

Download the car mechanic simulator 2018 from darker net through the safe servers and enjoy

Car mechanic simulator 2015 download.

Reviews By downloaded people.

Quick and effective review

I do not recommend it as it is now, since its extremely unoptimized.

I have a GTX 980Ti
i7 6700k 4.20Ghz

And I get very low FPS on Ultra and High (20.- 40 fps)

Mouse acceleration that cannot be turned off
Very blurry graphics overall

Runs very poorly, not optimized. Dev says “There will be optimization (sic) patches soon, Sorry”. That should have been done before release this isn’t an early access game. They didn’t have the .exe file included on launch. The mouse doesn’t work in the menu, framerate is terrible. I’ve requested a refund, and I’ll re-evaluate buying this in the future should they patch this up but for a release this is terrible.

I’m not disliking because of the delay, I’m actually leaving this as negative because I’m getting 30fps with a GTX 1080, not to mention the numerous other bugs that prevent me from playing that are only fixed by a relaunch, ill buy this when it’s optimized. GG.

The game still seems very much unfinished. The main menu doesn’t allow for much customization or for use of a simple mouse.
On creation of a new game, you are randomly thrown into the garage with no context or explanation of what to do.

The game really lacks the flow and ease of use throughout the menus and way that the cars moved and such.

For now, 2015 is the way to go.

So I launched the game… No exe file… I waited for a little while and finally an update. After this, I tried it and within the first 2 minutes, i had already found a very annoying bug that freezes you when you cancel an animation. Also if you are about to mount a part and cancel this your part gets deleted so right now if you play this you have to be careful of things like this. The optimization does need some working too. But if all this gets fixed I will happily play this all day

I installed the game, opened it up and watched the trailer. That’s all I could do.
When the menu appears, my cursor disappears & I can’t do anything but press enters to starts a new game.
When I do so, a box appears where you have to type something. Probably your name, I dunno. But I can’t. I can’t type anything & I can’t do anything. So basically, you pay 20 bucks for a trailer.

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