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Car mechanic Simulator 2016 is Very cool and fun game. Some things I personally wish PlayWay SA did differently are: 1.) The cars. I wish they were more realistic. 2.) The prices aren’t realistic either. Everything is just sooo expensive. My opinion, that’s all. 3.) I wish there were more parts to the cars! I love working on cars with my dad, and I know there is way more parts to cars! Maybe add turbos and superchargers?? Maybe have people that have aftermarket stuff come in and ask for repairs on that too. 4.) Alright, last one: I wish there were more cars! And I’m sure everyone can agree with me on this one!
See for yourself the job of a car mechanic:

– perform repairs and gain experience
– buy licenses to repair new cars
– participate in auctions to buy used cars
– improve your workshop, its equipment, and tools
– choose the most suitable tasks out of many available
– replace or fix damaged car parts
– finish special tasks and obtain rewards

Game features:
– 7 basic cars
– 2 different workshops and 24 possible upgrades
– over 200 various parts
– an unlimited number of tasks to complete
– an unlimited number of special tasks

Professional reviews: 💥💥💥💥💥

I think its a great game. I’ve been a technician for over 5 years and I find this game to be easy, so its relaxing to me. I hit level 12 right now within an hour of playing. Also for the people that are complaining about “replace my parts with premium ones” is actually pretty realistic enough. Most customers you deal with being a tech don’t know anything or a little so its veg when they say stuff. That’s what your job is as a technician, find bad parts, parts that are worn and let the customer know or aware of the situation to up sell and if not, they are aware of what’s going on. So I rate this game a 5 star due to that. Coming

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