Car mechanic simulator 2015 mods

Hello Gamer’s its a good news has digged Car mechanic simulator 2015 and grabbed mods, this mods are unique and you may or may not find on any other websites. Initially we gonna speak about the game and next fire towards car mechanic simulator 2015 mods.

car mechanic simulator 2015 mods

About Game

CMS 2015 is a virtual simulation game which is released in 2015. This game is not only a simulation game with fun and entertainment but also a useful game in day today life. This game is very helpful for new car mechanics and car addicts.

Car mechanic simulator game it self is designed in such a way that you are the owner of a garage and player can walk freely around the garage. the game is divided into “jobs” – customer vehicles with a list of problems – which the player must troubleshoot and repair. Upon receiving a job and a vehicle, the player is required to remove, inspect, and replace the relevant broken parts. The interesting point in the game is player receives repair orders through the phone call in the game. This game is beautifully designed with a computer on the desk so that you can sell or buy spare parts through it online. The garage contains Main platform , two lifters, parking lot, and a dyno testing room.

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Car Mechanic simulator 2015 mods

After digging this game found that modding this game is very easy. Every person who knows how to edit a text document can mod this game, And some software installation skills. There are 2 to 3 types of mods which can be used perfectly, they are explained below.

Modding through the Text Editor

This modding can be done through the simple text editor or notepad++.

In Windows operating system, these files will be stored in the directory “\cms2015_Data\Datacars” inside the main game directory, there are multiple text files which can be modified to mod the game.

Modding through Third party Tools

  • One of the best Third party tool for modding pc games is Cheat engine. this tools helps you to modify the hex values, through this tool modification of money and Xp can be done easily, so you can get unlimited money or xp.
  • Another third party which is exclusively for CMS 2015 is  Car Mechanic Simulator 2015 mods tool was developed by Blue Icarian Wings. This mod tool can be used to modify the available text files, produce text file for map mods, to ease loading of map mods, and also to edit the saved game data.

Car modding

In Car mechanic simulator 2015 cars modding can be done through a file cars.txt. This file controls the car list in the game which are shown in the showroom option. You can add new cars through this file, but added car not shown in he garage they are just for showroom view.

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Engine modding

Engine modding can be done through the engine.txt file. You can change the engine sound, modify the RPM, modify the power, Set maximum and minimum RPM. As you can modify these values but you cannot add new engines through this file.

Car mechanic simulator 2015 Cheats and codes for pc

Cheats can be entered by pressing the Bluetooth logo located at top right.

  • moneyplease  –  Adds 20 cash
  • moneybigtimeplease – Gain $200
  • moneymoney     – Adds $1000
  • imtoolazytogrindxp – Gain 50 EXP
  • flyhigh – Enable Noclip Mode


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